Hormone Optimization

Bioidentical hormones are more similar in structure and function to your natural hormones than synthetic hormones. 


As you age, your sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone for women and testosterone for men) fluctuate, and eventually, the levels drop significantly. This can begin to occur in our thirties. Some women approaching menopause and some aging men experience troublesome symptoms as this occurs such as weight gain, anxiety, sleep issues and fatigue.  Optimizing these hormones helps to re-establish youthful vitality. 

Includes a thorough evaluation of symptoms and labs to formulate a plan unique for each individual.  We work closely with local compounding pharmacies for hormone optimization.

Currently offering TRT optimization for men with weekly injections.

Topical bio-identical HRT for women. 


Initial visit with thorough lab evaluation including first follow up visit – $425


3 month follow up visit with labs – $200